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Emergency Respose Gear Lockers With Seat

Emergency Response Gear Lockers With Seat

  • Emergency Resposne Gear Lockers With Seat
  • As with the standard emergency response gear locker - this item is in stock - already assembled
  • With a built in bench , first responders are very fond of this locker
  • Fires departments and police departments nationwide use our emergency response lockers
  • The locker door is easily secured with a padlock
  • Includes locking decurity box , clipboard pocket and utility belt holder
  • This locker also includes two full width shelves and a half width shelf as well
  • Includes a lockable pullout drawer
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Product No. LOCKER DIM - W X D X H Price Ea 1-5Price Ea 6-10Price Ea 11-20Price Ea 21+ Qty
HERL442-1SL-B-G-HG 24 x 24/36 x 90 $1,050.85 $1,024.74 $1,018.21 $1,011.69

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