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Double Tier Phenolic Lockers

Double Tier Phenolic Lockers

  • Excellent for wet environments as Phenolic is non pourous
  • Bacteria and mold simply can't grow on Phenolic lockers!
  • Phenolic should be considered as an economical alternative to stainless steel lockers which we also stock
  • Locker surface is resistant to scratches , stains and graffiti
  • Select between lockers with padlock hasps , built in key locks or built in electronic locks
  • All styles in stock for immediate shipment
  • Order Double Tier Phenolic Lockers Now!!

1 Column Wide

Product No. Opening W X D X HNumber Of OpeningsLock DescWeight Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4-9Price Ea 10-20Price Ea 21+ Qty
PHEN-LKR-2T1PL 12 X 18 X 362Pad Lock Hasp105# $720.36 $684.34 $662.73 $633.91
PHEN-LKR-2T1KL 12 X 18 X 362Built In Key Lock105# $739.82 $702.82 $680.63 $651.04
PHEN-LKR-2T1EL 12 X 18 X 362Built In Electronic Lock105# $914.79 $869.05 $841.60 $805.01

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