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Six Tier Phenolic Lockers

Six Tier Phenolic Lockers

  • Excellent in any locker room
  • Non Pourous surface gives bacteria and mold no place to grow!
  • Each opening is 12x18x12 allowing an ample amount of storage for smaller items
  • Select single columns of three columns wide
  • Also we offer pad lock hasps , built in key locks or built in electronic locks for all phenolic lockers
  • Phenolic Lockers are great in wet or moist areas and cost less than stainless steel lockers
  • Order Now!

1 Column Wide

Product No. Opening W X D X HOA HeightNumber Of OpeningsLock TypeWeight Price Ea 1-4Price Ea 5-9Price Ea 10-20Price Ea 21+ Qty
PHEN-LKR-6T1PL 12 X 18 X 1272 IN6PADLOCK HASP135# $1,040.93 $988.88 $957.65 $916.01
PHEN-LKR-6T1KL 12 X 18 X 1272 IN6BUILT IN KEY LOCK135# $1,104.50 $1,049.28 $1,016.14 $971.96
PHEN-LKR-6T1EL 12 X 18 X 1272 IN6BUILT IN ELECTRONIC LOCK135# $1,676.73 $1,592.90 $1,542.59 $1,475.52

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