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Z Tier Phenolic Lockers

Z Tier Phenolic Lockers

  • Are much like double tier but the doors have a staggered design
  • This allows users to have more vertical access while loseing just a bit of foot print
  • As with all the Phenolic Lockers , the Z Tier are Non Pourous and are GREAT for wet areas
  • Bacteria and mold have no chance with Phenolic lockers
  • Select single column s or groups of three columns wide
  • We offer padlock hasps , built in key locks or even electronic access locks
  • Get your Z Tier Phenolic Lockers from A Plus Warehouse now!

1 Column Wide

Product No. OPENING W X D X HOA HEIGHTNUMBER OF OPENINGSLOCK DESCWEIGHT Price Ea 1-4Price Ea 5-9Price Ea 10-20Price Ea 21+ Qty
PHEN-LKR-Q1-PL 12 X 18 X 4272 IN2PADLOCK HASP113# $805.91 $765.61 $741.43 $709.21
PHEN-LKR-Q1-KL 12 X 18 X 4272 IN2BUILT IN KEY LOCK113# $825.35 $784.08 $759.33 $726.31
PHEN-LKR-Q1-EL 12 X 18 X 4272 IN2BUILT IN ELECTRONIC LOCK113# $1,000.33 $950.32 $920.31 $880.30

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