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Specialty Lockers

A Plus Warehouse first started with selling lockers, the first company to ever sell lockers online. We started with a simple single tier one wide locker and with our years of experience and progress that one type of locker has developed, and we have brought on plenty more lockers. Ranging from material type to size and style customers are sure to find the lockers they need for their school, warehouse, office, etc. We have the limitless supply and variety of lockers that our customers love. We make it easy for you to find the product you need, not matter how simple or extravagant we are sure to have it.

Tiers and Dimensions

Multi tier lockers are common in most warehouse equipment industries. What is defined as multi tier? Most places with have 3 or 4 tier lockers but we strive for 6 or more when we can find it. The typical locker opening is 12” wide, but sometimes there is a need for more width in a locker, or for spacing purposes a smaller width may be better. A Plus Warehouse provides customers with all different sorts of locker width, depth, and height dimensions because we know there is a need for certain locker sizes, and if there is a will then we are sure to find a way. Just because most people will go with the standard valumaster one wide single tier locker that doesn’t mean the other people do not matter. At our company every customer matters and in believing so we provide variety.

Specialty Application

Lockers are seen is schools, locker rooms, or in offices for storage but on this landing page we display the specialty application ones. Just because it is not a traditional high school locker that doesn’t mean it is unimportant. With lockers ranging from different sport types, you are sure to find the right one for your activity. Golf lockers, ski lockers, bike lockers and more, we have it all. When it comes to security and locking mechanism our lockers are well equipped. Locks ranging from the standard combination lock to a sophisticated digitech lock, they are all reliable.

Our Company

One of the biggest goals at A Plus Warehouse is to have great relations with our customers and exceed their needs. These specialty lockers are not available at many other places, they are unique to us. When there is a need, we always do our best to satisfy the need now matter how big or small it may be because we care. A Plus Warehouse- your right choice, right now.

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