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Uniform Exchange Lockers

Uniform Exchange lockers are used by customers that distribute uniforms to workers. Uniform rental companies often offer 'free' uniform exchange locker with new uniform contracts. Nothing is free and uniform companies build in the cost of the lockers in the dry cleaning contract. A Plus Warehouse suggests separating uniform lockers from customers' uniform quotations.

Customers will see that the money saved easily pays for uniform exchange lockers - and contract terms can then be shorter also. Consider a shift starting with 50 workers all needing a uniform. Lets say that 25 people need large and 25 need extra large. If the customer gets two full height uniform exchange lockers from A Plus Warehouse, then one uniform exchange locker can be used per size. Alternatively, customers can get the two tier uniform exchange locker and have both sizes in one locker. A Plus Warehouse also offers Uniform exchange lockers in 8 opening for applications requiring hanging and eight different uniforms.

Another alternative is the 9 opening version that is used for folded uniforms.

However uniforms are distributed at the start of the shift, customers should also have at least one soiled uniform exchange locker. Where else can customers place their soiled uniforms in a secure fashion?

Why should customers order uniform exchange lockers from A Plus Warehouse? We have been selling lockers of various types online since 1996. The uniform exchange lockers are actually manufactured by the very same company that produces our wildly popular ValuMaster and SlopeMaster lockers as well as our economy stainless steel locker. Customers have counted on A Plus Warehouse for providing quality products at a fair price since 1996. Our valued customers will be pleased at the addition of uniform exchange lockers. School lockers and gym lockers are great for so many applications , yet they are not what is necessary for some applications. A Plus Warehouse always tries to offer a wide range of products applicable to interesting uses - this along with great service keeps customers coming back!

A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now , and we look forward to helping with your locker application.

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