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Wood Lockers

Wood lockers are required by many of our customers.  A Plus Warehouse sells the finest wood storage lockers by JontiCraft and Hallowell.   Wood lockers are used in preschools and schools in general.  The Hallowell line of wood locker storage is employed by country clubs and universities as well. The executive oak triple tier lockers are perfect for country clubs!

The A Plus Warehouse Advantage

Of course steel locker and metal lockers are far more popular than wood lockers, but that is fine.  A Plus Warehouse customers demand wood storage lockers, and we want to provide our customers with the fine quality products they deserve.

A Plus Warehouse has been your trusted source for loading dock equipment as well as storage cabinets.  Many wood locker storage customers need storage cabinets, and A Plus Warehouse fits the bill! Many of our products are multi use. So many of our wood lockers may also fit your storage cabinet requirements! Ask an A Plus Sales representative and they will help guide you to the perfect product!

Count on us for the quality help you need in your purchase of wood storage lockers.  Our sales people are highly trained and constantly looking to provide you with the highest level of service.  Our people work here in USA and have not been outsourced.  The people you talk to here will know the product you want to order.  We offer personalized service as well as email service that does not require telephone conversations.  Your method of dealing with us will be our method of dealing with you.

A Unique Material

Do you need custom wood lockers for your country club or doctor’s lounge?  We can certainly help with that.  A wood locker looks much nicer than a standard steel locker.  Hallowell makes a steel locker with wood veneer.  This unique locker has the durability of a steel locker with the warmth and beauty of a wood locker.  The Recruiter line is used by colleges to recruit athletes and donations from alumni.  The Recruiter locker looks great, and a room full of them makes wealthy alumni reach deeper into their wallets.  A Recruiter locker is also a great gift for a child who is an athlete, and deserves something nice.  Come to use with all your wood locker needs.

Any consideration of wood locker storage or custom wood lockers can’t be complete without considering Jonticraft.  Jonticraft specialized in lockers for school use.  A Plus Warehouse shows popular Jonticraft lockers and offers many of them in assembled or unassembled to save money.  Stackable wood lockers are also great for storage of small items.

A Plus Warehouse is your wood lockers source, and we are ready to help. Call us at 800-209-8798 – you will be pleased.

A Plus Warehouse is your right choice right now.

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