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Balers are available at A Plus Warehouse in all different styles, sizes, and capacities. We are sure to have the baler you are looking for. Our light duty cardboard box baler is a favorite among our customers. But there is also the need sometime for the heavy duty baler.  With pressing forces ranging from 8,000 lbs to 88,000 pounds, this piece of equipment is sure to crush your junk. The balers do the labor for you. With an automatic bale eject and high capacities, this equipment limits physical strain and enhances user safety. The noise level is similar to that of a refrigerator. A Plus Warehouse is the right source for your balers.

Be sure to check out the straps to go with your baler on a different page. Straps and locks can be found in the baler components page!

How Does It Work?

1. Fill Appropriate Waste Into Baler (each product will say the appropriate waste)

2. Light Goes Off Indicating Chamber is Full

3. Tie Off and Eject Finished Bale

4. Lastly, Remove Bale to Desired Location

Why Get One?

This powerful yet quiet machine is necessary to most any warehouse that has over flowing garbage they need to get rid of. This baler will quickly crush your item and finish it with a tie off then automatically eject it from the baler. There is little work the user has to do. Once the items are crushed and tied off, from that point you can put it in the dumpster or wherever it belongs neatly and efficiently. Instead of taking up space with a bulky item, once it is crushed it will take up much less space. Then you will have more space for more trash. When you pay for a dumpster you want to use it to its fullest capacity. To do so you would compact your trash.

A Plus Warehouse Balers

At A Plus Warehouse we want safety, and because of this, when selecting our balers we are sure to chose the safest ones. When working with heavy machinery things can go wrong so we take that into account when selecting the items we sell you. Our balers have automatic bale eject to reduce the risk of user injury. Rather than reaching a hand into the machine to take out the crushed item, it comes out automatically. When it comes to having a full baler, it is important to know so you don't overload the system. Our balers come equipped with a light the flashes once the baler is full.

Material Handling at A Plus Warehouse

With a focus is selling material handling and warehouse equipment, we have also sold safety equipment, lockers, cabinets, and other storage related items. Our list of products is constantly growing, and we often add new types of products to our websites. We want to provide our customers with variety, quality, and value. We do that as we search through vendors. To make sure we provide the best product we are careful when researching vendors. At A Plus Warehouse we care about our customers and aim to satisfy all their needs.

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