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At  A Plus Warehouse sells many different types of safety and traffic control items for different uses.  Whether a customer is looking for something heavy duty or portable, A Plus Warehouse is the place to find it!


Bollards can be seen anywhere. They are often seen at concerts, in parking lots, or even in front of restaurants! They are an inexpensive while also preventing significant and costly property damage.

What are Bollards?


For customers to make a purchase, they need to be aware of the purpose of a bollard. It is a short post designed to catch pedestrians and driver’s attention in order to block off an area. They are typically seen with a bright yellow color, a sure way to catch people’s attention!


 A bollard is a must have for protection and safety. They are used for different sorts of applications such as traffic control and property protection. If a driver starts to get  dazed on the road, they will be less likely to end up veering off the road if they see an A Plus Warehouse bollard! Safety bollards are ideal to protect buildings. If a car is going full speed into your building, you will be happy to have it there to stop the vehicle. It is much better to damage an inexpensive bollard than a building!

 They can be used in many different places. They are commonly seen both indoors and outdoors. You may see temporary, traffic control bollards indoors. Not all Bollards are created equal. They come in different sizes and serve different purposes.


How much do Bollards cost?


They are an inexpensive alternative to extra security personnel.  Our most expensive one is only a few hundred dollars. This is well worth the price when considering how much many they save by preventing accidents.


The real question is what it costs our customers to not have them installed on their premise!


Bollard Instillation

Instillation of your product depends on the type. For all bollard types however, instillation is not very difficult.


In the case of movable bollards, there is absolutely no work to do! They are not meant to be mounted in any way.


Most of our bollards utilize surface mounting. This type of mounting just requires anchor bolts, which are available as options at A Plus Warehouse!


Some of our bollards are mounted underground. This situation is a bit more complicated. There are many ways to mount this way. Products with this mounting option are designed to make this process easier.


Steel Bollards


Steel is a standard material type our customers should expect to see with most of the products on our website. Steel is popular with customers because it is inexpensive and a sturdy and reliable option.


Because of steels popularity, most of the bollards we offer our customers are made with steel. Customers love that steel bollards are available for most any use. We have movable, pour in place, and smoker steel bollards!


Rust Resistant Bollards

Galvanized finish is all a very popular and slightly more expensive option. Galvanized products tend to be stronger and have a longer life. The best quality about Galvanized Steel is that it is rust resistant! This is a great option for outdoor applications.


Stainless steel is also known for its anti-rust properties. The material also has an undeniable aesthetic appeal.  Stainless steel is also environmentally friendly!



Bollards with High Visibility


As mentioned, bollards are meant to catch an individual’s attention. While they all stand out because of their bright yellow color, some of our bollards have extra features to make them even more noticeable.  We highly recommend our curvy  and spring-loaded models for customers looking for a product that will stand out.


There is no other bollard that curves quite to the extent as our curvy model. This difference from the standard bollard is sure to drive attention.  It also has the added benefit of not getting in the way of forklift traffic! This is the job that the product is designed for. This is a rarity for a bollard.


The spring-loaded version with beep and strobe option is designed specifically to bring more attention to it! If you are looking for a bollard with the best visibility, this simply is the best option.


Bollards can be functional and stylish


Not all bollards must be painted with the standard bright yellow to be visible! There is always room for creativity in product design. Society relies on artists and artwork to thrive.

 The decorative version is a beautiful product which is finished off with a nice powder coat finish. The product is very ornate and has many small and intriguing details. Yet this product is also very functional. It included eyes for attaching a chain or rope and can be mounted underground or on the surface.

Our chrome version offer a new and sleek look.  They are designed to be used indoors and keep your area safe!

Flexible Bollards

 Traffic control bollards are often more flexible than standard ones. They bend a bit when tapped by a vehicle. When bollards are being used for traffic, they are often bumped into, therefore it is important that they do not damage!

Our spring loaded and folding models will not take damage from slight contact with vehicles! Our folding model can be lowered to the ground for vehicle access! Our movable bollard can do this same thing simply by moving it out of the way.


And Cigarette Disposal too?

Customers can get full benefits of both bollards and cigarette disposals with our smoker bollard. This product is often seen outside is designated smoking areas.


This product is bolted into the ground using 4 anchor bolts. The base plate on this item included 4 pre-drilled instillation holes. For customers wishing to hide instillation bolts, A Plus Warehouse offers a 30 inch high dome to hide the instillation holes.


A Plus Warehouse also has a less expensive alternative cigarette waste collector that acts solely to collect cigarette waste. It also required no instillation.



Don’t forget about machinery guards!


While discussing bollards, it is vital to not ignore their cousin, the machinery guard! The purpose of a machinery guard fulfills the same purpose as a bollard designed to protect against ram-raiding. They are made for the protection of you and your property!


Learn about our stainless and regular steel machinery guard.  They perform the same task with stainless steel being slightly better for outdoor use. Units that are 42” high include a a 21” mid-rail to comply with OSHA requirements. Product also includes two base plates with four pre-drilled mounting holes in each plate.


Thank You Vestil Manufacturing!

Many of the products  you see on our website on manufactured by Vestil manufacturing, one of our premier vendors. A Plus Warehouse always trusts vestil and their products! They feature over 1,000 different product lines. The great fact about their bollards is that they do a thorough job of protecting your building for so little money. They also offer the highest quality products at affordable prices.  Some of these products include drum handling equipment, materials handling, and carts. The company has been in business upward of 50 years, so you know you can trust them! Many Vestil Products, including Vestil lifts tend to also be very popular with our customers.

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now!

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for anything material handling related.  We can work with you to make your dream bollard set up a reality. Many products can be customizable, just ask us!


The sales staff at A Plus Warehouse is exceedingly knowledgeable and friendly. Customers know that they are not speaking with a robot when discussing a product with a member of our sales team. Our team is with you every step of the way. Order today at A Plus Warehouse.

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