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Casters Makes the World Go Round


Casters are an important yet underappreciated family of products at A Plus Warehouse. Few people pay them any mind—until your loading cart locks up and can’t move anymore! This is usually the point at which you’ll wish you had paid more attention. They have existed since the dawn of civilization and are essential to move any heavy product from point A to point B.

Of course, casters have evolved since the start of time. The technology is always improving to make the consumers life easier. A Plus Warehouse offers a wide selection of high quality product by reliable names such as Albion, Revvo, Fairbanks, Hamilton Caster, Payson, Trio Pines, and more.

Casters fulfill an essential role in the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations industry (MRO), as well as by many of our customers on the OEM side. Any rolling product that relies on mobility requires wheels, and any rolling product requiring periodic maintenance requires after-market wheels as well.


Learn about TrioPines Casters

TrioPines is an industry leader in high quality casters. They are also releasing new product with the most advanced technology. You can find these products anywhere. The products will not only meet your needs, but exceed them.


The Solid Industrial Casters

Industrial casters are the most popular type of caster sold at A Plus Warehouse. They transport heavy duty equipment.  Customers see them commonly on our other mobile products such as carts, platform trucks, and more.

 For the king of all our industrial casters, we recommend our extra heavy duty dual wheel version. This product features an impressive 9 ton capacity. They also feature a 8 ½” X 8 ½” plate and 7” X 7” bolt holes and a 11/16” bolt hole diameter.

Our most popular industrial unit is the extra heavy duty caster. The product is made with AISI 1045 drop forged steel for the top plate and yoke with a corrosion resistant zinc plated finish. The products comes in Rigid and Swivel Versions.


Rigid VS Swivel

Many of our casters come with rigid and swivel options. Which one is right for you? The difference between swivel and rigid versions is that swivel offers better maneuverability. Rigid, also known as fixed , do not turn. They are ideal for moving materials in straight lines and transporting pallets with a mounted-push stick.

Many of our material handling products utilize both swivel and rigid casters. Combing the two offers the best of both worlds: stability and mobility.


Maintain Your Products and Add Workplace Efficiency

Casters are a major part of an integrated material handling system; you must keep all components properly maintained to continue working at peak efficiency. Consider which of your items use casters and wheels. Platform trucks and carts are staple material handling equipment, and use casters ranging in size from 4 inches to 12 inches in diameter to move items easily. Over time, you’ll need to take advantage of our selection of industrial wheels to keep things running smoothly.

Other products that use casters are warehouse ladders, expanding conveyors, mobile benches, and mobile cabinets. Unlike traditional stationary equipment, these have wheeled bases so they can easily be placed anywhere within your facility. We at A Plus Warehouse sell them all!

Many of our casters can easily be maintained using Zerk fittings. With Zerk fittings, grease can be shot directly through a hollow axle into the bearing, or into the ball ring in the caster plate. This makes maintaining them much easier.


 The Benefits of Making it Mobile

So many products that are not standardly mobile can become mobile with a few caster wheels. Think of cabinets, lockers, and ladders. These items may not typically be mobile, but having that mobile option reaps a good amount of benefits.

When you are looking for a cabinet or locker to be placed temporarily in a location, a mobile product is a must have. They are also convenient if the product is very often moved from place to place.

Rolling ladders have become especially popular at A Plus Warehouse recently. They are a great option for libraries, schools, and warehouses. They offer the safest and easiest solution to picking and loading hand-carried products.


Stem Casters make it Mobile


Stem casters are the best option to make a traditionally stationary item mobile. Stem casters get their name because of their “stem” which attaches to material handling equipment. Stem casters are also great for lighter duty applications.


Check out the threaded stem version. They are corrosion-resistant with zinc and bright nickel finish.  The product comes with diameter sizes between 2” and 5”.



We Provide You with A Plus Service

There are plenty of online caster dealers , but few are willing to offer professional sales help. We at A Plus Warehouse are a cut above the rest. We seek complete understanding of your requirements while doing everything in our power to help you find what you need.

Customers will notice our website is quick and easy to navigate. We strive for the best possible user experience. Order Now from A Plus Warehouse, your right source, right now!

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