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Heavy Duty Casters

Manufacturing plants have daily needs for heavy duty casters. At A Plus Warehouse, we ship high quality domestic and imported heavy duty casters nationwide. Our heavy duty casters allow you to move thousands of pounds of product, adding efficiency and convenience to your facility. Choose heavy duty casters from the most well-known brands, including Albion, Colson, Payson, Hamilton Casters, Fairbanks, TrioPines, and others.

Choose Quality Heavy Duty Casters from A Plus Warehouse

Casters have only improved with time. Industrial and commercial industries can now benefit from casters that are capable of moving incredibly heavy materials. TrioPines and other imported manufacturers produce fine quality casters that are comparable in many ways to domestic casters. That being said, some projects require domestically manufactured heavy duty casters. For example, some government jobs require made-in-USA components only. Whatever your needs, we can meet them.

We sell extra heavy duty caster wheels to the aerospace industry, automotive manufacturing, heavy equipment manufacturing, durable goods manufacturing, US government, and all branches of the military. Whenever you need to move heavy loads within your facility, it is usually the safe and correct decision to use machinery rather than try to do it yourself.

For example: A dolly containing 50 pound boxes weighs 2500 pounds. On your own, this could take 50 individual lifts and 50 trips to the final destination. This could take an entire day! But with heavy duty roller casters, you can move the entire load without straining yourself.

Make Your Business More Efficient with Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

In the manufacturing world, industrial caster wheels are the key to efficient operations. However, not every facility will have the same needs. That’s why it is important to choose a dealer with a wide variety of product. With A Plus Warehouse, that’s exactly what you get!

Dual wheel casters are among the most stable and easy rolling of all our heavy duty caster products. These large heavy duty casters come in diameters up to 12 inches with capacities up to 18,000 pounds per caster. These heavy duty swivel casters come kingpinless to support extra heavy materials. Perfect for moving airplane engines around your facility!

We also have TrioPines heavy duty and extra heavy duty casters. These are high quality imported casters with corrosion-resistant hardware and wheel brakes. If you need an all-around solid product, these TrioPines casters are what you need.

Obviously, these are just a few of the casters we offer. If you need any other kind of caster, be sure to look over our selection.

Meet Your Needs at A Plus Warehouse

Don’t forget to consider your heavy duty storage needs as well. After all, once you’ve moved your products to their destination, you’ll need to store them. We sell structural pallet racks with 10-foot shelves with capacities up to 11,000 pounds per level, as well as many other types of heavy duty shelving.

Our specialty extends beyond heavy duty casters. We are an integrated materials handling dealer with thousands of products to help your business reach peak efficiency. Please call us at 800-209-8798 or contact us online and let us know your needs!

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