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Industrial Casters

There are many dealers selling consumer casters, chair casters, and bed casters. These products should be relegated to consumer superstores. When we sell casters, we sell only industrial casters. How do you know if you need an industrial caster? Sounds a bit like a comedy routine.

If you want to move something heavier than a grapefruit > Then you may need an industrial caster.

If the caster you need is not for sale at a grocery store > Then you may need an industrial caster.

If the caster you are replacing has a diameter more than one inch > Then you may need an industrial caster.

In all seriousness, A Plus Warehouse is the place to go to get the big and might casters you may not find else where. These casters are more expensive than small department store casters, but they also support more weight. They are for heavy duty applications. Many of our material handling products utilize industrial casters. The casters used to make some lockers, cabinets, and carts mobile are all industrial casters. Material handling equipment helps to move or store goods and materials easily and safely, let casters help with this process!

                Now that you know if you need an industrial caster, don’t you wonder what A Plus Warehouse has to offer?  We offer all sorts of heavy duty casters in several different styles. Different styles include swivel, rigid, and pneumatic casters. Casters come in all different shapes and sizes. We sell casters from a variety of trusted manufacturers such as Albion, Revvo, Fairbanks, Hamilton Caster, Payson, and Trio Pines. We count on these companies, and our customers can too. They never disappoint!

                Lets talk about the Fairbanks company. Their line of product extends beyond casters. Do you know that they also manufacture platform trucks, hand trucks, and dollies? However, their specialty is indeed casters! All of these products have one thing in common though, they keep you moving! They have been keeping you moving since 1887. Their facilities are modernized with the latest robotic welding, electrostatic powder coating, and CNC machining of wood parts.

                The next manufacture in the spotlight is Hamilton casters. They are ranked number one in quality. They produce incredibly durable casters and back it up with a three year warranty. Shipping is incredibly quick when it comes to Hamilton. We know that our customers want their products now, and Hamilton is the perfect partner to help with that. Best of all everything from Hamilton is manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. With over 20 years experiences, customers can rest easy knowing their in good hands! Order Now!

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