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Pneumatic Casters

Pneumatic casters are the perfect casters to use when rolling product on an uneven surface or outdoors. Many of our mobile carts already come with pneumatic casters! Learn more today.


Pneumatic wheel casters have wheels that are filled with air. This makes for a very smooth ride. Shock absorption built into the design of the wheel itself!  Because of the softness of the caster, customers do not need to worry about scratches and other potential floor damage. Best of all, these casters having all the above benefits while being relatively quiet due to their soft rubber tread and shock absorbing ability.


The capacity is a bit low relative to a moldon rubber caster or a polyurethane caster. Additionally, with pneumatic casters being used outdoors, there is always a chance of getting a nail in the pneumatic caster tread, resulting in a flat. There is an innovative solution to this problem. On request, we can quote pneumatic casters filled with foam instead of air. Foam filled pneumatic casters cannot go flat. This is also the case with semi pneumatic caster wheels. With these two alternatives, there is a loss in shock absorption, however.

Our Products

Full Pneumatic Casters

Our full pneumatic casters are in stock and feature ball bearing and a rigid top plate. The caster has a capacity of up to 6oo pounds. Product is also available rigid or swivel style. We recommend a combination of both for most cart applications.

Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic wheels are also always in stock and feature ball bearing.  Ball bearing size is available in ½”, 5/8” and 3/4” diameter. Wheel overall diameter comes in sizes between 8” and 12”.


Heavy Duty and Shock Absorption?

Of course, A Plus Warehouse always tries to provide our customer with the right caster for their application. If shock absorption is the primary issue, and heavy duty is not negotiable, we provide casters with built in shock absorbers. These are odd looking casters, with springs attaching the top place to the caster body. When loading very heavy yet delicate items, such as an aircraft or helicopter engine, shock absorbing casters with steel or polyurethane wheels may well be a better choice than traditional pneumatic casters. Again, it is our job to make sure you are getting the right casters for your application!


Your Right Source, Right Now

Customers can rely on A Plus Warehouse not only for pneumatic casters, but also for our broad lines of storage and handling equipment. We distribute Lockers, Shelving, Industrial Pallet Racks, Conveyors, Work Benches, Dock Equipment, Hoists, Industrial Mats, and all matters of material handling equipment as well as casters of all sorts. Our telephone is 800-209-8798 and we look forward to hearing from you!

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