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Stem Casters

Are you looking for a stem caster? You have come to the right place! When ordering caster, odds are you need to attach them to an additional product. Casters serve an important purpose, they make material handling mobile! Stem casters get their name because they utilize a stem to attach the caster to the product. Stem types include a threaded stem, grip ring stem, and grip neck stem. Stem casters widely vary from one to another. They feature differ wheel types, materials, and capacity. However, the product does tend to be on the lighter side of capacity. Find out what A Plus Warehouse has to offer today!

Casters are a very large and popular group of products at A Plus Warehouse. You them for any mobile operation. They are often used in the MRO industries Any rolling product requires sturdy casters, which also requires maintenance. Many of our casters can be maintained using zerk fittings. These allow grease to be directly shot through a hollow axle and into the bearing, or into the ball ring in the caster plate.  Our Industrial casters can last a long time if customers take good care of them! Most of our casters are industrial casters. How do you know if you need an industrial caster? If the caster you need can not easily be found consumer super store, odds are it is not an industrial caster. If you are looking to move something heavy, or looking for a caster with a diameter of more than 1”, you may need an industrial caster.

                Our threaded stem casters are recommended for use with furniture and equipment in the food service, healthcare, or office industry. Product in corrosion resistant zinc and bright nickel finish. These casters range in diameter from 2 to 5 inches and 7/8” to 15/16” in width. The stem size for this product is 3/8” X 1 ½”. Our All Purpose Casters are another high quality caster product available at A Plus Warehouse. They are multi purpose and feature high performance. This product has a friction ring stern and customers can choose between hard and soft rubber wheel type.

                A Plus Warehouse is your right source right now. We offer our customers a large variety of products in the hope that they find the perfect product to fit their needs. We have been in business for over 20 years. Do not hesitate to call A Plus Warehouse today!


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