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Dollies Keep Your Work Flow Moving

Dollies keeps your workflow running smoothly! They are a complete necessity. Material handling solutions are primarily used for moving items from Point A to Point B in the most convenient of manners. An A Plus Warehouse dolly is guaranteed to help with this task!

Warehouse Dollies

Warehouse’s are commonly very crowded and busy places. Much work is done daily at any warehouse. Efficiency, safety, and quality is important for any warehouse. Material handling equipment at A Plus Warehouse fulfills all three of the listed criteria.

Our Heavy Duty Aluminum Magliner Dolly is a great option for any warehouse! It features all welded aluminum construction and 5” phenolic swivel casters. The product can hold up to 2,000 pounds, and comes in two different sizes: 21” W X 36” L X 10” H and 24” W X 42” L X 10” H.  It is very easy to maneuver.

A Word on Magline

Magline is very well known in the world of material handling. The company prides itself on their innovation and customer service. All of their products are made in the U.S.A and are guaranteed to transport materials safely and efficiently.

Furniture Dollies

A Plus Warehouse offers a very large variety of furniture dollies. We sell dollies that can move beds, door units, chairs, and tables. Anyone who has furniture could benefit from a furniture dolly!

Our deluxe movers dolly is ideal for residential use. It is commonly used to move mattresses and TVs. The product also has a small footprint, making it easy to store and maneuver. The product also features 6 removable posts that are typically installed vertically. This dolly can also double as a hand truck!

The scoop dolly is recommended for moving tall and narrow objects such as door units and prefabricated walls. Product includes tilt legs that can be adjusted to vary the angle of the load. Product is also available with a leverage handle, dock transition wheels for uneven surfaces, and brakes for stabilizing.

The Multi Trolley can practically move any piece of furniture with only person! Posts are adjustable and removable which is why the product can be used for a such a large variety of uses. The standard model features four posts, and deluxe model includes two extra 22” posts. Thus product increases profitability while also reducing injuries.

Car Dollies

You know that dollies can be heavy duty, but do you know they can have a high enough capacity to support cars and trucks! These “big boy” dollies are a must have!

Our heavy duty giant dollies must be ordered in pairs. They have a combined capacity of 16,000 pounds! They come in sizes between 3 and 7 feet. Longer units can also be purchased special. Ask your sales representative for more details.


Your Right Source, Right Now!

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for dollies.  Our expert sales staff knows the products well and help guide customers to the perfect product fitting their needs. At A Plus Warehouse, we are big enough to fulfil your order efficiently but small enough to know that every order matters!

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