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Drum Grabber

A drum grabber makes transporting drums easy. Simply attach the drum grabber to your forklift and drive right into the drum. The days of balancing a heavy drum and using your own back power are over!  It is important to use the right tool for the right job. These products are made for the sole purpose of handling drums. No more soar backs moving 500 pound drums by hand.  How many times have you seem people moving drums by tilting them on their rim and turning? This is a hazardous spill waiting to happen.  Movement now becomes automatic thanks to the drum grabber. Our drum grabber family offers you the tools you need to improve the overall operation and safety of your facility. Safety is always the priority at A Plus Warehouse!

Safety at Every Turn

We offer drum equipment to help with every step of the process. It makes the workplace more efficient and keeps employees safe! A Plus Warehouse offers drum stackers, stands, storage cabinets, deheaders, skids, and pumps.  A good amount of this equipment is in stock nationwide for immediate delivery.

Our Products

Dual Drum Gripper

Our dual drum gripper easily can pick up one of two steel drums without leaving the fork truck! The design is rugged for heavy lifting capacities. This drum gripper is easy to use. All you need to do is slip the fork tines into the fork tubes. Gripper is designed for 55 gallon steel drums.

Powered Grabber

 Are you looking for a powered grabber? You are in luck! Our hydraulic powered versa grip features controlled dumping forward up to 125. Product capacity is 2000 pounds with 18 12” distance between fork tubes. Customers can choose between fork power and self-power.

6 in 1 Drum Lifter

The 6 in 1 drum lifter is a unique product that can lift metal, poly, and fiber drums safely! The heavier the load, the tighter the grip functionality. This is a popular drum grabber amongst A Plus Warehouse customers!

Your Right Source, Right Now

                We are your right source right now. A Plus Warehouse has been at your service for over 20 years. You always know that you can rely on us! We are a company that can fill your order efficiently with a personal touch. You are talking to a human being, not a robot when you are speaking with a member of our sales staff.  With high quality products, and easy ordering process, there is no reason not to order now!

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