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dual drum grabber

Dual Drum Gripper

  • Easily and quickly pick up one or two steel drums without leaving the fork truck.
  • Rugged design for heavy lifting capacities.
  • Slip the fork tines into the fork tubes and the Drum Gripper is ready to work.
  • Driver approaches the drum, lowers the gripper around the drum and lifts.
  • Knuckle gripping system securely grasps the drum.
  • Drum is automatically released by lowering the forks. 
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Product No. Acceptable
Drum Types
Overall Size
W x D x H
Fork Pocket
Price Ea 1-15Price Ea 16-30Price Ea 31-50Price Ea 51+ Qty
HDGS-55-D* 1-55 gal. steel80028-1/4 x 14 x 8"13-1/2"109/UPS $482.16 $467.70 $458.05 $443.59
HDGD-55-D* 2-55 gal. steel150046 x 24 x 9-1/2"24"185 $607.60 $589.37 $577.22 $558.99

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