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heavy duty drum mover

Heavy Duty Drum Mover

  • Self powered drum transporters and stackers
  • Makes an easy task of transporting drums in and out of trucks, or up and down ramps or travelling over long distances.
  • Eliminates injuries from manhandling drums.
  • Speed controller provides infinite creep speeds.
  • 800 lb. drum weight capacity.
  • Gradient performance: 15% no load, 10% with 800 lb. load.
  • Battery is DEKA Model 12D85-9, 24 Volt industrial.
  • Tandem load rollers, stability casters, safety reversing switch in handle, key on/off, horn and battery indicator.
  • EG3 single automatic drum clamping mechanism.
  • Finished in powder coat safety orange.
  • Base frame size: 27.25"W. x 46.5"L. x 57.5" to 77.25"H. 
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Product No. Product
Cap. (lbs.)
HDH800 800201850 $29,600.00
HDH80048 800401880 $29,304.00

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