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Drum Lifter

You have drums that need to be moved. How do you plan to move a several hundred-pound steel drums? Lifting by hand would be incredibly difficult, tiresome, and dangerous. You need to order a drum lifter from A Plus Warehouse. Drum lifters are used to take a drum from one position, lift it to another, and typically transport them to a rack, production area or shipping area. We provide drum lifters for typical steel drums, but also provide plastic drum lifter equipment.

Manual VS Power

Both manual and power lifting are far more efficient than hand lifting without a drum lifter.  An advantage of manual lifts are that they are less expensive than powered lifts. This is a great option for customers that do not need to use their lifts as frequently. Powered lifts are incredibly easy to use with just a push of a button and are recommended for heavy use.

The Hydra Lift

The Hydra lift acts as both a lifter and tilter. Both the tilt and lift operations are available with manual and powered operation. Power types include 12V DC, Air Motor, and AC. The product just takes one operator for such incredible lifting strength.

Our stainless-steel version of this product is great for outdoor applications.  It will not rust! The product comes with the same variety as the original Hydra Lift.

Morse Manufacturing

Morse Manufacturing is the manufacturer of the Hydra Lift.  They have been in the drum handling business since 1923! They pride themselves on being the first company to earn MHEDA’s most valuable supplier award!

All their drum equipment is manufactured in the U.S.A. They have a very wide variety of drum handling equipment available and offer great customer service and product support and quality.

Other Drum Handling Equipment

Other Drum Handling equipment sold at A Plus Warehouse includes drum pumps and drum grabbers.  Our drum handling equipment is used in manufacturing plants and maintenance facilities across the country. Drum handling equipment makes the workplace more productive! A little money can go a long way.

Why A Plus Warehouse

Why should customers rely on A Plus Warehouse for their drum lifter needs? When calling the company, you are speaking to a person and not a robot! Our sales staff is highly trained and always very eager to help. We have a very extensive product selection and many products can be customized. We are your right source, right now!


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