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Metal Dumpers

Industry makes waste - this is an unavoidable consequence. The question is how does your firm manage it? A Plus Warehouse sells metal dumpers and plastic dumpers. Our metal dumpers come in varying capacities and are normally forklift mounted steel dumpers. An efficient operation will load their dumper straight from their conveyor system and then proceed straight to where they dispose the scrap. A simple pull of a chain and the dumper empties. The custodian rolls the dumper to each waste container fills us the hopper and rolls on to the next. A Plus Warehouse is your dumper specialist, give us a try.


Benefits of Self-Dumping

We have several different metal hoppers, each a different size and style. The self dumping ones are very popular because it makes workers more efficient. A worker will no longer have to strain his or her back taking out trash, instead the product itself does the harder work for you. When your workers can avoid body strains, they will work more efficiently. Instead of spending their time trying to handle heavy objects they can spend their time wisely doing other tasks. The metal dumping hopper is the machine you want to get rid of your scarps, especially the heavier metal scarps. A job that would take a few people and lots of time will now take one person and piece of equipment in just minutes.

Jesco Hoppers

 One of our more popular items is the extra heavy duty self dumping hopper which comes from Jesco.  These dumpers are built to be tough and durable. They save companies a lot of time and effort. Dumper has a capacity of 4,000 pounds and cubic yard capacity of up to 2 ½.

Jesco is one of our many trusted vendors. They supply us with safe and high quality products. Because we want to give our customers the highest satisfaction, we take our time choosing vendors so they can provide us with products to please our customers. Having been working with Jesco for years we know they are reliable and will give us the best products.

We are Here to Help

Many online catalogs are sure to sell you the items you want; however, not all business have salesmen ready to talk to you. At A Plus Warehouse we have salesmen in the office ready to talk to you. Whether you are wondering about a certain product or are searching for similar products we can help you. Our salesmen are experts and will try their hardest to suit your needs. We are prepared to answer any question you may have for us!

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