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Plastic Dumper

Industry makes waste - this is an unavoidable consequence. The question is how does your firm manage it? A Plus Warehouse sells metal dumpers and plastic dumpers. Our metal dumpers come in varying capacities and are normally forklift mounted steel dumpers. An efficient operation will load their dumper straight from their conveyor system and then proceed straight to where they dispose the scrap. A simple pull of a chain and the dumper empties. A Plus Warehouse also sells Rubbermaid plastic dumpers. You have seen these mobile refuse dumpers in any given shopping mall. The custodian rolls the dumper to each waste container fills us the hopper and rolls on to the next. A Plus Warehouse is your dumper specialist - give us a try.

How Does it Work

People use hoppers like these to dump things in an easier and stress-free way. Worker efficiency will increase because, instead of spending excess time straining their body to take out the trash, the machine will handle a majority of the strain leaving the worker free from injury. It only takes a little pressure to get the dumper to work and the whole process becomes much faster when a hopper is involved. When working with a dumper you first put your items in it then the dumper carries it to where it goes, lastly you tilt it and the scraps come flying out. The large volume of these dumpers allows you to put lots of trash inside so you won’t have to take multiple trips. Try out our poly tilt dumps!

Choose A Plus Warehouse

A Plus Warehouse provides you with high quality warehouse equipment. Our machinery easy to use and designed for operator safety. Our top priority is keeping our customers safe. Whether it has to do with using a safe machine or creating a machine that adds safety, we are here to help you with both. Our dumping hoppers give your workers extra safety. Without it they would be lifting heavy object and possibly straining their muscles. In order to limit on the job injuries like muscle strain, buying the dumping hopper would be a great choice. Not only does it add to protection to the employer, but it also gives the employer an opportunity to work on other tasks because the dumper makes dumping fast and simple.

A Plus Warehouse has been in business for over 20 years and we are constantly thinking of new and up to date ideas. Our top priority has always been customer satisfactory and we do what we can do fulfill our customers needs.

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