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Folding Gates

Folding gates are an important part of plant security and A Plus Warehouse is a master dealer for them nationwide.  They are needed for any industry and we have them available in all different styles and sizes.


Portables security gates as manufactured by Hallowell List are ultra rugged and are used extensively in schools, hospitals and other buildings for primarily crowd control. When a building manager wants no people to pass, warning signs can only do so much. Nothing says stay out quite like 6 ½ foot high steel folding gates! Width come varies between 3 ft 6 in to 18 ft!

Crowd Control

This product ca also be used for traffic and crowd control! In fact, so can many of our other folding gates. Crowd control products are very important for increasing overall safety and preventing accidents. Whenever there is a crowd, there is a need to guide said crowd on where to go!

Galvanized Gates

Many customers prefer our galvanized gates to standard metal. Many of our other product lines can also be galvanized such as our power jacks, pallet trucks, lockers, bollards, and cabinets.

There are many different benefits of choosing galvanized over traditional steel. They are more durable and have a longer lifespan than traditional steel while also being less expensive than stainless steel. The galvanization process is also sustainable and provides a nice aesthetic design.

If you are interested in galvanized steel because of environmental concern, we recommend the earth saver folding gate. The wider web allows for 25% less steel use. The steel itself is also 100% recycled.

Our galvanized single folding gates are available in stock for immediate shipment. They are perfect for small doors and narrow used. Although they are designed to be installed between door jams, other mounting is available. Ask your sales representative for additional information.

Our double gate version of this product is ideal for customers looking for something a bit heavier duty. 22 foot wide units include 14 inch outriggers for additional stability.

Galvanized Door Gates

Check out our door gates as well! They are great for hallways and entryways 3 to 4 feet. This product can also pivot, swinging both in and out. The product is always in stock and features a collapsed with of 7 inches.


A Plus Warehouse offer many products than can be customized to our customers unique needs. The as long as you like it tall portable gates are highly customizable. They start with a 12 foot starter positioner and customers can than add as many 6 foot adders units as needed. These gates are designed to be installed between door jams.

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