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Food Service Equipment Provides Efficiency to your Industrial Kitchen!

Food service equipment provides your kitchen with safe storage of prepared food. When waiting for the rest of the meal to finish cooking, you can let fresh French fries, pizzas, and donuts cool on food service equipment. A Plus Warehouse also sells heater proofers that are great for baking large quantities. Together, these products can meet all your needs for heavy duty, functional chef supplies that will last.

Meet Demands with Food Service Equipment

A restaurant is a demanding place. Food must be produced not only quickly but safely. Chef supplies includes racks and heater proofers that ensure prepared food has its proper place. Additionally, heater proofers may also be used to bake or heat food. With flexible restaurant equipment from A Plus Warehouse, you are prepared to serve guests to the best of your culinary abilities.

French fry racks are heavy duty racks that can hold baskets of fried or frozen French fries. Mounted on four casters, French fry racks are mobile so they can easily move where needed. This product also comes with a removable aluminum drip pan for catching grease. The racks are available in capacities of either 18 or 27 baskets.

Pizza pan racks allow you to cook many pizzas at once while saving space. They are made with durable, shiny aluminum that look great in any commercial kitchen. In addition to lending a professional appearance, these are a capable style of restaurant equipment. We sell pizza pan racks in 13 and 26 pan versions.

Donut racks store and stack sheets of donuts using heavy duty aluminum square tubing and angle slides for a perfect fit. Like other restaurant equipment, donut racks are mounted on casters to make transportation around your donut shop or bakery easy. Holds 20 standard donut screens or 20 24”x24” glazing screens.

Heater Proofers When you need to bake large quantities of food, you need a heater proofer. Heater proofers provide even heat distribution to bake food or keep cooked food heated up to a maximum temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The clear door lets you see inside the heater while a sturdy aluminum frame adds a sleek appearance. This style of commercial kitchen equipment is available in both insulated and non-insulated versions with a 35 tray capacity. You can even choose a mini size version with a 10 tray capacity.

Order Your Chef Supplies Today

Although the name implies differently, commercial kitchen equipment isn’t just for kitchens. It is also ideal for catering halls, school cafeterias, and more. If you think our industrial food equipment is for you, please call A Plus Warehouse at 800-209-8798 or contact us online. We look forward to serving you, so you can serve your patrons!

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