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Meat Grinders

An industrial kitchen needs industrial supplies. Most kitchens work a good amount with meat of different sorts. Preparing meat can be a challenge without the proper equipment. Any chef can tell you the importance of a meat grinder in an industrial kitchen! Let A Plus Warehouse be your meat grinder source. Learn more about our standard, deluxe, and grand meat grinders.

Our Products

All our meat grinders, as well as most of our food service equipment, are made with stainless steel. This material ensures a safe and hygienic workspace. This is especially important for the food service industry. Nobody wants a customer to get sick off contaminated food.

Our standard meat grinder is in the #12 cutting group and is easy to maintain. It is powered with a 1 HP motor with 115V 60 Cycle 1 Phase A.C. 9 Amps. The product grinds 8-12 pounds per minute. It is easy to maintain and is ideal for most industrial kitchens

 The deluxe meat grinder also includes stainless steel head, work, knife, and sausage stuffing attachment! It truly brings our standard model to the next level and also makes for a very efficient machine! Model MEAT-GRIND222 is in # 22 cutting group and grinds 14-20 pounds per minute. It has 1.5 HP and 115V, 60 Cycle, 1 Phase A.C, and 14 amps.

If you are truly looking for the mother of all meat grinders, look no further than the grand meat grinder! It is in cutting group # 32 and can grind 50 pounds per minute. This is more than double the deluxe meat grinder! Customers can choose between 3 HP and 5 HP motor. It is ideal for any meat processing shop.

Meat Saws

Our food service equipment for meat goes beyond meet grinders! A Plus Warehouse also offers meat saws. It is great to have both a meat saw and a meat grinder for your butcher shop. The meat saw has the capability to cut through both meat and bones! Saws come with different dimensions and power options. The maximum cutting height is 15.7” and maximum cutting width is 11.8”

Meat Tenderizer

The meat tenderizer is another instrument in the meat preparation family! It is fast, reliable, and efficient. Tenderizer is #12 cutting group and tenderizes meat by cutting through connective tissues that cause meat to be tough. It does this without having the meat lose nutrition, freshness, or shape! The product is also compact and includes heat-treated stainless-steel knives.


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