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Fork Lift Attachments for Safety and Efficiency

Forklifts are an essential part of many industrial facilities. They help move heavy materials and pallets of product safely and easily, helping employees avoid workplace injuries. The forklift work platform helps people avoid injuries. But we at A Plus Warehouse are here to tell you that you can get even more from these already incredibly useful machines. Our forklift attachments add convenience and utility to your forklifts. We provide you with attachments for personnel lifting, drum handling, snow and debris removal, as well as forklift extensions to increase the reach and support capabilities of your forklift.

Add Functionality and Convenience with Forklift Attachments

Moving pallets and skids is all well and good, but what if you could get even more utility from your forklifts? Forklift attachments unlocks a new level of usability to your warehouse or manufacturing facility by offering you a range of different capabilities.

Forklift work platforms let you reach new heights of safety. These provide you with a stable platform to raise and lower personnel and product. Featuring handrails, a 4-way treadplate surface, and a 4-inch kickplate, these platforms provide stability and safety. Also consider our stock picker work platform for getting up into more tightly spaced overhead racks and shelves.

The dual drum gripper allows you to safely transport heavy industrial drums. When you want to carry one or two steel drums at once, simply secure this forklift attachment to your truck, position it, and lift! We also have a hydraulic-powered vice grip that is ideal for precision placement and pouring, as well as a drum positioner for positioning drums for horizontal storage.

Snow removal forklift attachments offer you an affordable alternative to snow removal. Why pay for a contractor service when you can use your forklift to remove and displace snow and debris? We have snow plow and snow blade options for you to choose from. Say ‘no’ to snow with our attachments!

Browse Our Forklift Extensions

In addition to our other industrial forklift attachments, our heavy duty forklift extensions increase the range and lift capabilities of your forklift. Forklift extension blades add extra support and strength to lift long or large objects beyond the truck’s usual limits.

We also offer forklift boom attachments. Our telescoping boom crane attachment lets you maneuver your forklift to lift extra-heavy loads and lift them with a boom arm. These extend out to 12-feet and feature 9 different hook positions. Choose from either a 6000 or 4000 pound capacity model to meet your needs.

A Plus Warehouse Has Affordable Answers to Your Needs

Who knew forklifts had such additional utility? There’s little need to purchase lots of different high-end products to help you accomplish your lifting and material handling needs. Our fork truck attachments and forklift extension booms let you fulfill a range of common industrial needs.

Best of all, we at A Plus Warehouse offer these attachments at an affordable price. If you already have a forklift in your warehouse or other industrial facility, these products turn your forklift into a multi-purpose tool and help you work more efficiently and safely!

Contact us today with any questions you may have on how forklift safety accessories can help you!

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