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Convertible Hand Trucks

Convertible hand trucks are one of the most popular pieces of material handling equipment that has ever been created. A majority of these trucks have a two step process to convert. You can have that smaller platform for items that are not was bulky and you can convert to a bigger base to hold those more massive items. This product reduces the strain that many employees may have had otherwise as they transport items on their own. If you are searching for that basic material handling must have equipment, then you have come to the right page. Convertible hand trucks like these can be used is many places such as a food industry, warehouse, or industrial work zones.

About our Hand Trucks

Many of these products fold in half easily for not only transportation purposes but also for easy storage. Less storage foot print is always a positive in any warehouse whether it is a crowded one or not. When these trucks are set the long way, it carries more loads and takes up more space. The Two in One Hand and Platform Truck is one of our favorite items on this page. This item can work as both a platform truck for those bulkier loads or a hand truck for the more secure loads. You can get two different product uses, all coming from the same product. This is why we love this item. This product comes in 3 different sizes, so even more possible ways to suit your needs.

We Choose Our Vendors Carefully

At A Plus Warehouse we take our job seriously. We want to provide our customers with high quality product, and in order to ensure that we must find the best vendors. The companies that supply us with our convertible hand and platform trucks are Magliner, Vestil, Fairbanks, and many more. These are always great vendors for us. The are reliable, have great products, and fair pricing. This is the exact sort of vendors we want to have so we know we can do the best for our own customers.

The A Plus Warehouse Team

Our company is a team of hard working and patient employees. We have a team that works by the phones ready to take any call they may receive. These are our sales rep and they are well experienced with not only phone work but also this company, so there is unlikely to be a problem left unknown. We also have a team of marketers who are responsible for making sure we sell the best product, and that we sell it the right way. With a team like this you are sure to be satisfied in the end. A Plus Warehouse is the company for you!

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