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Deluxe Power LiftKar Stairclimbing Trucks

  • Default Image is the Universal LiftKar with the optional Snap on Toe Plate
  • Very High Capacity of 725 Pounds
  • Available in three ways- Universal, Fold, and Extended Height Fold
  • Universal is a Straight Frame- Accepts Dolly Option for 4 wheeled support
  • In Fold the upper handle angle can be adjusted-Good for Heavy and Short Loads such as Copiers
  • Extended Fold has the same advantages of fold plus extra 7" in Height and Fold out Wheel Carriage
  • Battery, Charger and 137 X 2" Cargo Belt Included
  • Also consider the Economy Magliner Powered Stair Climbing Hand Truck
  • Your Product to take heavy Loads up the Stairs
  • Can Climb 220 steps with 440 Pounds of Cargo, 190 Steps with 550 Pounds of Cargo, and 120 Steps with 725 Pounds of Cargo at Full Charge
  • No strain on your back- have the Deluxe Power LiftKar Stairclimbing Truck do it for you
  • Automatically Applies Break when Wheels are at the edge of the step-so loads will not roll down the steps
  • Also Be sure to check out our Economy Battery Powered Stairclimbing Trucks
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Deluxe Power LiftKar Stairclimbing Trucks

Product No. DescriptionDimensions
Weight Price Ea 1-3Price Ea 4+ Qty
L-KAR-U Universal22 X 63 X 19"140 # $6,696.96 $6,563.02
L-KAR-F Fold22 X 47-63 X 19"129 # $7,042.40 $6,901.55
L-KAR-EF Extended Height Fold22 X 53 1/2 - 70 X 21.3"105 # $9,288.92 $9,103.14

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