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Drum and Cylinder Trucks

Need a truck that is specifically made for carrying your drums and cylinders? Look no further than here, we are sure to have just what you need. What could be better than specialized applications trucks? If there is a specialty item, then we are likely to have a following specialty application material handling equipment for it as well. We make it easy for our customers here at A Plus Warehouse to get what they want whether it be one of our standard hand trucks, other specialized application one, or the ones shown on this page.

About the Product

A Plus Warehouse has an unrivalled variety of Drum and Cylinder Trucks available to you nationwide including convertible Drum and Cylinder Trucks, wooden Drum and Cylinder Trucks, steel Drum and Cylinder Trucks, and of course drum trucks. One of our more standard carriers is the Drum Truck and Drum Cradle. This item is both a cradle and truck at the same time, so two uses for one product. The weight is distributed over the 4 wheels for operator safety. We care about your safety and only present objects that are checked for safety. Not to mention this item is a quick ship, so when you order this you will not be waiting long until you get it and can start using it. With a capacity of 1000 pounds you are sure to hold all that you need.

No Strain

 Even though A Plus Warehouse Drum and Cylinder Trucks are everywhere, some companies still haul packages by hand. 125 pounds can be easily carried on a $60 hand truck with no strain. The same 125 pound load is more than adequate to ruin a person's back if the person twists while lifting. Physical strain can be avoided here with our product. Without strenuous work, an employee will be more comfortable therefore they will work more efficiently as well. A comfortable worker is a happy worker, and a happy work is a better worker.

Our Company

 A Plus Warehouse has been selling equipment for over 20 years now, we are a trusted source. The marketing team works to seek out the best vendors, so we can be working with top quality. A good vendor is a company with high quality products, a company that is very responsive, and one that is quick with their shipping. If on our end we receive that sort of treatment, then we are able to give that sort of treatment to our own customers. It is not easy finding the best, but we do for us to be the best we can as well! We are the company you need, give us a call today and our sales reps who are well trained and experienced will surely answer and help you!

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