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Chain Hoists


A Plus Warehouse is proud to offer so many different types of hoists.  Many customers desire a good old-fashioned chain hoist.  And who can blame them? What is a chain hoist? They are used for heavy lifting of objects and equipment. Chain hoists are a specialty at A Plus Warehouse. They are a less expensive alternative to electric hoists. We provide quality chain hoists by such respected names as CM, Cuffing, Wesco, Harrington and others.

Material Handling works best Together

When ordering a Jib or Gantry Crane, be sure to never forget your chain hoist! It is a vital component of the operation Customers need a hoist and crane! Material Handling Equipment works best when used together. So, while you are here looking at chain hoists, check out our other equipment. Consider our winches, lifting magnets, and slings too!  Any item you purchase at A Plus Warehouse will be only the highest in quality. That is the A Plus Warehouse promise.


You can Always Rely on Wesco

Wesco is one of our very trusted chain hoist manufacturers. Our Wesco line here at A Plus warehouse is not just limited to chain hoists however. We sell many other Wesco Industrial Products including but not limited to pallet and hand trucks. We are proud to have them as one of our vendors. Wesco has been around since 1948. You know you a trust a company that has been around for such a long period of time. They are a leader in their industry. We trust Wesco and so should you!

Our Products

We supply a large variety of Wesco chain hoists as well as chain hoists from other manufacturers. We have our Economy Hand Chain Hoists and Trolleys product which combine two items in one product. You no longer need to look for the perfect matching trolley for your hoist. These two items go hand and hand with jib cranes. On this item, the hoist goes up to a respectable 10,000 pound capacity and the trolley has a 12,000 Pound Capacity. Order your chain hoist today!

Your Right Source, Right Now!

                A Plus Warehouse has been in business for over two decades. We have a proven track record of superb service and products. A Plus is with you one hundred percent during the order process. We want to make sure you get the amazing service you deserve. Every customer is of utmost importance. Our sales staff is very knowledgeable on our chain hoists. They will help guide you through the entire process. They are A Plus!

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