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Electric Hoists

Electric Hoists are a very important part of overhead material handling systems. A Plus Warehouse is a national distributor for quality industrial electric hoists. We provide both wire rope and electric chain hoists as well as air powered hoists as well. Why not come to A Plus Warehouse with your electric hoist requirement?


What is an electric hoist?

           Electric hoists are used in applications involving heavy lifting. They are essential to the material handling line. An electric hoist makes it so easy to lift heavy loads. Simply push a button. 

We offer our electric hoists is single, dual, and three phase power levels. We recommend our three phase which allows the motor to run cooler and last longer. An electric hoist for you. A Plus Warehouse also offers chain hoists for customers who prefer that over electric hoists.

Hoist Equipment

                When looking first electric hoists, we are aware that many of our customers will also look for trolleys and/or Gantry or Jib Cranes. We also happen to sell a wide variety of these products that will go perfectly with your hoist. Other hoist equipment sold at A Plus Warehouse includes winches, lifting magnets, and slings.

Inexpensive Electric Hoist

We have the right electric hoist for the job. We have what you want whether it be light duty, heavy duty, or something in between. Our Inexpensive Electric Hoist is clearly a less expensive option that still gets the job done! We recommend this product for intermittent use. Being an electric hoist, it is very simple to operate, just push a button. This product has 15 Feet of Lift and is Available in Single and 3 Phase. It goes between a capacity of 1,000 - 4,000 Pounds.

Heavy Duty Hoist

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we offer customers the extreme duty electric chain hoist. It even features a 60 minute rated, fan-cooled motor. The largest of these hoists has a 5 ton capacity-that is the same size as a rather large elephant!

Why A Plus Warehouse

Why should you order from A Plus Warehouse? We care about our customers and provide superior service. We are big enough to take your order but small enough to realize that every order matters! A Plus Warehouse makes it easy.  Order a chain hoist from us today, and while you are there consider ordering a trolley or jib crane as well. We want your order. Order Now!

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