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Gantry Cranes for Sale

Many industrial facilities find the addition of a gantry crane to be an essential part of their material handling systems. A Plus Warehouse has been providing aluminum and steel cranes to warehouses, packaging plants, manufacturing facilities, and many more to help them move objects easily and more efficiently. We have portable cranes for sale by Vestil, Wesco, Handling Systems, and Contrx.

Why Choose a Gantry Crane?

Wondering what kind of hoist is right for your industrial needs? Consider the possibilities of a gantry crane. The crane is named for its most distinguishable feature, the aptly named gantry. A gantry is a horizontal beam-like structure that hangs over a workspace and straddles loads. This allows you to position your overhead gantry crane over a heavy object and lift it. The gantry provides great support for your materials or product, which can then be moved where you need it.  

Types of Gantry Cranes

At A Plus Warehouse, we have a variety of gantry cranes for you to choose from. Depending on the model you choose, you can bring a whole new level of efficiency to your workspace.

Portable Gantry Cranes are perfect for getting your crane right where you need it. Both of our fixed and adjustable cranes are supported by a strong set of 5-inch to 8-inch casters. The fixed gantry  is 10-feet high, whereas the adjustable gantry can be modified to heights from 8 to 12-feet. Both types are made of steel and have models with 2000 and 4000 pound capacities.

Portable aluminum units offer you a lightweight solution to your lifting needs. These provide the ability for you to lift thousands of pounds all on your own. We have models in 2000-, 4000-, and 6000-pound capacities. The aluminum quality of these cranes ensures a product that is resistant to the effects of weather and wet conditions. They can also be broken down and set up easily.

Steel units offer you high durability and heavy duty lifting power. Our most heavy duty models offer you up to 10,000 pounds of lifting capacity! We offer adjustable and fixed height cranes in solid steel. We also have additional caster options with total locking functions and V grooves to give you even more safety. Our steel cranes come in a royal blue coat of paint that stands out on your warehouse floor.

We also have push bridge kits and crane bridge kits for building your own gantry hoist on a budget. You provide the load beam to attach these kits. Each kit comes prefabricated for easy assembly and contains two end cars.  

A Plus Warehouse Has the Lifting Products You Need

If you need a hoist to pick up your load, then gantry cranes from A Plus Warehouse may be what you need. They offer you portability and convenience to provide you with safe lifting from any point in your facility. Simply choose the type that meets your height and capacity requirements and order today!

Contact us or call 800-209-8798. Our A+ customer service staff are available to answer any questions you may have and help you make the smart, affordable choice.

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