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Jib Cranes

A Plus Warehouse has heavy duty jib crane products to meet your lifting and transporting needs. When moving heavy materials via crane, we know you need equipment you can rely on. How else can you safely and efficiently support the thousands of pounds you’re transporting? Hoist equipment for sale from A Plus Warehouse is what you need. We offer and recommend only the most proven brands, including Harrington Hoists, All Lift, and Handling Systems. As one of the premier jib crane suppliers nationwide, we offer you everything from portable to floor mount 

Lift Loads Safely with a Jib Crane

Jib cranes are a specialized type of hoist that have many industrial and commercial uses. Used primarily in workshops, they can lift quite a lot for their manageable size. These cranes attach to the wall or floor and swivel on a moveable hoist, making movement of products and materials flexible and accessible. We have models with jibs as small as 6-feet long all the way up to 14-feet. See which type will work for your needs best!

Just remember to always use your crane at or below the published capacity. Although jib cranes enable you to lift and transport materials more safely, you should be careful not to overextend beyond their capabilities.

Choose the Right Unit for Your Workspace

Our pillar mounted cranes are an ideal option for lifting lightweight loads. We offer six different pillar mounted models including 250-pound, 500-pound, 750-pound, 1,000-pound, 1,500-pound cranes. This is one of our most popular jibs, as it is low-cost and rotates 360-degrees to offer you easy lifting.

Floor mounted cranes offer you incredible stability. By attaching right to the floor of your warehouse or workshop, floor mounted jibs have even more capacity than pillar mounted ones. These completely self-supporting jibs are capable of lifting 300 to 2000 pounds depending on which product you choose.

We have several telescoping  cranes for you to choose from. These handy forklift attachments offer you increased mobility and thousands of pounds of lift capacity. Our Econo Telescoping Boom comes in 4000- and 6000-pound capacities, offering you a powerful jib crane for sale at a low price. We also have the Lift Master Telescoping Jib Crane by Vestil, which offers you up to 8000 pounds of lifting and transporting.

A wall mount  crane offers you a useful alternative to the typical pillar and floor mounted crane models. These stationary jibs free up floor space and additional headroom by attaching right to the wall of your facility. These are great when you need to align things vertically.

We also have hydraulic drum carrier booms, winch-operated truck jibs, as well as cantilever jibs.

Contact A Plus Warehouse for Your Industrial Lifting Needs

Ready to choose a hoist for your industrial workspace? These powerful and versatile products can make lifting your materials safer and more efficient. Our product selection, combined with a convenient and simple ordering process, can give you what your industry needs to get ahead. And if you have any questions about finding the right jib, our customer service team help you determine the best crane for your needs.

Contact us or call 800-209-8798 to order your products from A Plus Warehouse today.

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