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Lifting Magnets

Lifting magnets are utilized by customers carrying semi finished products such as machined parts, press molds, steel plates, bars and tubes. Of course industrial lifting magnets are used only with stock that can be magnetized. A Plus Warehouse specializes in permanent lifting magnets.

How to Use Our Lifting Magnet

Permanent lifting magnets are available in ceramic and rare earth element models. These are very convenient as there is no power source required, and the magnets can be turned on and off with ease. Steel plate lifting magnets are very convenient for lifting as well. Consider for a moment a load of steel plate on a factory floor. Let's say the load is 10 thousand pounds. With a typical hoisting application, you may need to find a way of getting a sling or more under the load and lifting by bottom support. This is a difficult operation, and potentially dangerous as well. With a lifting magnet of appropriate capacity, you lower the lifting magnet with the use of an A Plus Warehouse hoist and a gantry crane of jib crane, then throw the switch. You can then lift the load safely.

There are many safety considerations when ordering lifting magnets from A Plus Warehouse. First of all, capacities are based on flat, clean and polished steel plate with magnet contact. Any imperfection causes a reduction in capacity. Customers are responsible to refer to ASME standard B30.20 for inspection and operation procedures of close proximity operated lifting magnets AND to read thoroughly the operation manual before using the unit.

One particularly interesting of our industrial lifting magnets is the hands free activation model. Effectively, the hoist is connected to the switch mechanism. When the hoist lifts the magnet, the weight of the magnet is adequate to deploy the switch - enabling the magnetic field to do it's work. If you are lifting loads in an inconvenient location for hand operation, this is your solution.

Safety is the First Priority

We really can't stress enough to be careful with capacity when using industrial lifting magnets. Lifting capacity is lower on thinner materials and also capacities are rated based on lifting low carbon steel. Odd shapes and loads with scale as well as unbalanced loads adversely affect capacity as well. We have a qualified staff that can review your application - and get factory input on your lifting task. This way you can feel more comfortable in your decision to buy permanent lifting magnets from A Plus Warehouse.

A Plus Warehouse is your source for lifting application equipment such as gantry cranes, jib cranes, and lifting magnets. Give us a call at 800-209-8798 and find out why we are the right choice right now!

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