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Industrial stainless steel sinks



If you need an industrial stainless steel sink, you have come to the right place. Everyone needs one whether it may be for home or industrial use. We offer our stainless sinks in a variety of ways with different number of compartments.  Why are these so popular and needed?

Stainless Products

There are many benefits of stainless steel, such as the fact that it does not rust.  It will also last a lifetime and is very easy to clean. Of course, stainless steel also adds a nice sleek look. A Plus Warehouse supplies many products with the stainless steel option.  We sell stainless cabinets, lockers, carts and more. 

Why an Industrial Sink

We are here today to discuss industrial sinks. Sinks are also needed by most everyone. Everywhere you go you see one of them whether it be for your home kitchen or at a restaurant or a laboratory. Our sinks can also be custom made to fit your needs. This is the A Plus Warehouse way!


Our Sinks

We have the highest quality industrial sinks. Consider our Three Compartment Stainless Steel Sinks with Drain Board. This product is NSF listed, so you know it’s safe! We care about the health and safety of our valued customers. This product also includes 14 Inch Deep # 304 Bowls as well as #304 Drain Board. The drain board is available on both the right and left side. The overall height of this item is 44 ½ “.  Choose between 20” and 24” bowls. 24” Units also includes two sets of faucet holes. Our One Compartment Sink is high quality. However, it is not NSF listed as our other product previously talked about.  We recommend this product for home use as opposed to industrial use.  Valves and hoses are not included with either of these products.

Eagle MHC

The sinks mentioned above are manufactured by Eagle MHC. They manufacture a large selection of stainless steel equipment, and equipment for the medical industry. Their equipment is very advanced. They have the best equipment for laser metal cutting and forming, punch press operations, and automatic seam welding.

Your Right Source, Right Now

                Order you sinks today from A Plus Warehouse, your right choice right now! We are a company big enough to handle your order but small enough to know that every order matters. We want you to be satisfied with the quality and service you get from A Plus Warehouse and our products.  This is why our sales staff is so well trained and friendly. They help guide you to the perfect product to suit your needs. Order an industrial sink from us today. You will not regret it.


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