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Industrial Trailers

When a customer needs to transport heavy goods, purchasing an A Plus Warehouse Industrial Trailer is a great option. This product is the heaviest duty Platform Truck that the company has to offer. Items on this page have capacities up to a massive 20 thousand pounds. At A Plus Warehouse, customers are only going to get items that are the highest in quality. The company promises customers that they will never be disappointed. A Plus Warehouse is always helping the customer. Through customers, A Plus Warehouse learns how to improve to make the A Plus Warehouse experience perfect for customers. Customers feel great ordering from the company and that is the way it should be. Not only does A Plus Warehouse have great customer service, but they know a great manufacturer when they see one.


Mid-States is one of our excellent manufactures. They manufacture any type of Industrial Trailer that a customer could want. They are a leader in the material handling industry. They were founding in 1954 and their customers include farmers, outdoorsman, and rural homeowners. Our very popular Extra Heavy Duty Fifth Wheel Steer Trailer is manufactured by Mid-States.There are many reason the item is so popular but one of them is most likely its amazingly high 20 thousand pound capacity. When looking for the ultimate trailer, A Plus Warehouse strongly suggests this item.

Tandem Trailers

Our tandem trailers are a great option for customers who are working with hard surfaces or rough terrain. The product ships welded as one unit and can move steel and other bulky items in and out of your plant. Trailer also features 10 bolt hubs.

Four Wheel Steer Trailer

This trailer includes a net for extra safety. It makes it so products are more secure. Net can also be left up or taken down. This sort of trailer is often seen in airports! The front tongue and rear hitch are ideal for towing multiple trailers. The product has a 2,000 pound capacity and your choice of 11” or 18” deck height.

Trailer Stabilizing Jack

When ordering a industrial trailer, you may also be looking for a trailer stabilizing jack. A Plus Warehouse sells those too! They are essential for preventing accidents while loading and unloading. They are a critical component of dock safety. Safety is incredibly important at A Plus Warehouse.

Safety First

Safety is always our first priority at A Plus Warehouse! All of our products are thoroughly tested. Safety equipment costs so little but can save our customers so much money and hassle in the long run!

Your Right Source, Right Now

A Plus Warehouse is your right source, right now for not only industrial trailers, but all things related to materials handling. Our sales staff is very attentive and wants the order! With over 20 years of experience and so many products available, you know you can rely on us!

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