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Infrared Space Heaters for Industrial Applications

When you need an infrared space heater, you need A Plus Warehouse. Our infrared heaters meet the exacting specifications of many industrial applications to help you complete your business efficiently and effectively. We have portable products as well as heater panels on casters that you can adjust to direct heat wherever it needs to go. Check out our great selection of infrared heat panels and other portable heaters to meet your needs today!

Use Infrared Heaters for Your Industrial Applications

At A Plus Warehouse, we apply our same standards of quality to our selection of infrared heaters. You know that when you buy products from us, you’re getting industry-leading assistance in the form of safe, reliable, and affordable warehouse equipment. No matter what product you choose, you can be confident that you’re purchasing an A+ quality infrared heater!

Our portable electric infrared heaters can be carted around and positioned easily. These heaters are mounted on two-wheeled hand trucks, which lets you wheel them to your desired location or even move them out of the way. Mount them vertically or horizontally according to your needs and see how great they work!

We also offer portable infrared heater panels. These roll on a set of casters and have an adjustable boom arm that lets you use heat in three dimensions. Infrared heater panels have a timer function for auto shut-off, ensuring the safety of your facility even when thing are at their busiest.

Our portable electronic salamander is the ideal infrared space heater for small construction or remodeling spaces. It produces an odorless, flameless heat source that’s so much more comfortable and convenient than traditional propane heaters. With an added 25-foot power cord, you can have your heat as close to you as you need.

Our Infrared Heaters are Energy Efficient!

Why use infrared heaters? Infrared offers you specific advantages over other heating methods. For one, they are ideal for use in quick and safe industrial and commercial applications, including heating plastics prior to forming, glass processing, and other manufacturing. Infrared heaters are a great example of action at a distance. Heat is transferred without actual contact, so there’s no risk of burning or unpleasant odor.

Another advantage is that infrared heaters are energy efficient. Unlike space heaters, which are designed to heat up an area to a comfortable level, infrared heaters use precise heating technology that directs heat toward a certain direction without wasting energy.

You can count on A Plus Warehouse for your valued portable heater and industrial heaters applications. Vestil Manufacturing produces our infrared heat panels. These are very popular in the manufacturing space nationwide; just look at the infrared heaters reviews on these products! They also produce portable industrial units that bring the heat where it is required.

Contact us or call 1-800-209-8798 and let us help you determine your heating needs! We absolutely have the expert knowledge to help you find the best infrared space heater.

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