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Inplant Offices

At A Plus Warehouse, we know the value of a good day’s work. That’s why we offer inplant offices for your industrial warehouse or manufacturing plant. These structures install easily inside your warehouse, distribution center, or other industrial facility without having to close the building down for construction. Simply order the desired configuration from our extensive list of offerings, and you’ll be working more efficiently in no time. All you have to do is order, install, then plug them in and you’re good to go! (Yes, it is almost that easy!)

Make the Most of Your Time and Space with Turn Key Inplant Offices

Why inplant offices? There are several major reasons why you’d want a few of these for your industrial or commercial building. A portable office can easily create an isolated space for your management team to work in peace and quiet. Rather than placing your foreman far enough away from the constant noise of machinery, you can solve your problems with a few modular offices from A Plus Warehouse. These are able to install in a fraction of the time that it would take for a conventional construction project to complete a new office. And best of all, it will keep management close for when they are needed.

Inplant offices are a great idea for warehouses that cannot halt production to install a proper office. Taking advantage of modular office buildings saves you the trouble of having to close down a section of your facility while the office goes up.

Configure Your Ideal Office Space

We at A Plus Warehouse have a range of portable offices for sale to fit your every available need. Browse our selection and choose the one that will create for you a quiet work environment and can contain all your office amenities. We have inplant offices available in 4-wall, 3-wall, and 2-wall configurations. Whichever style you choose, you’ll receive all the advantages these structures offer you:

  • Windows in every panel at no extra charge
  • Optional door glass
  • Modular wiring (simply mount breaker box and connect to power source)
  • Ample lighting and outlets
  • Non load-bearing roof
  • 3-inch thick panels
  • Class A building code
  • Installation by factory personnel

A Plus Warehouse Has What You Need

These products are not simply a few walls surrounding your desk and chair. We have portable office buildings for sale that are every bit as capable—and more importantly, comfortable—as a traditional office. An HVAC system lets you work in complete comfort, no matter how cold or warm it is inside your facility.

In addition to our fantastic products, we offer our services to factory install your prefab office buildings for your complete convenience. We can also include an HVAC system to your building.  Our systems include modular wiring at no extra charge so your electrician can get his work done in no time flat (just drop power to a pigtail - no fishing wires into the walls). We also offer factory installation for the utmost in convenience.

Inplant offices are your turnkey solution to getting some work done. And A Plus Warehouse is dedicated to getting these great products to you. Simply contact us or call 1-800-209-8798 to learn more about how prefab offices could be just what your facility has needed

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