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Large Lazy Susans

An industrial large lazy susan is a sturdy, ergonomic solution for moving large pallets of product. Easy to operate and set up, industrial lazy susans can be added to any workbench or table. They are even optimal at ground level! Industrial lazy susan turntable and carousel products feature high weight capacity and smooth turning. These products allow you to rotate pallets exactly as needed for seamless plastic wrapping applications or for pallet truck loading and unloading. A Plus Warehouse carries large lazy susan products for your industrial applications. Choose one that's right for your needs and order now!

Quality Construction and Materials in Each Industrial Lazy Susan

To ensure maximum ergonomic assistance, each industrial lazy susan is manufactured with ease of use and long-lasting durability in mind. Smooth roller bearings are used to rotate the platform, which can handle thousands of pounds of weight. These are perfect for your warehouse or other industrial facility that stores and keeps pallets and skids of product. As an added bonus to making work easier, these may also help reduce fatigue and back problems associated with improper lifting. Make sure you move things the smart way with industrial turntable products!  

An Industrial Lazy Susan for Every Application

The traditional pallet carousel is our standard easy-to-operate, single-operator product. Low-friction bearings allow pallets and skids to be rotated seamlessly as needed. This product is available in sizes from 30 inches in diameter up to 72 inches. Choose from a varying range of capacities, up to a maximum of 6000 lbs. A standard industrial lazy susan works great for most applications.  

Smooth rotating lazy susans are excellent for when you need to rely on precision movement. Available in 5 different sizes (19 to 46 inches), these feature captured ball bearings that are shielded to retain grease, ensuring smooth rotation. Be sure to order these and take advantage of our FREE FREIGHT program, which ships to you free of charge!  

A stainless steel low profile lazy susan is our most durable lazy susan. Stainless steel materials provide you with rust-free, corrosion-resistant movement that is perfect for any work environment.  

Low profile carousels works great with pallet trucks. This heavy duty pallet lazy susan sits at practically ground-level height. Simply rotate your pallet, lift it with the truck, and get moving more efficiently.  

The Kingpin Lazy Susan is the newest addition to our industrial lazy susan lineup. This unit allows for precise loading when balancing is an issue. Ideal for irregular shaped and asymmetrical loads, the Kingpin comes in two sizes with a 4000 and 6000 pound capacity.  

Order Now from A Plus Warehouse!

We provide a great variety of industrial lazy susans here at A Plus Warehouse. From traditional to stainless or even precision bearing, we have what you need! Choose one of these great products and work toward more efficient moving!

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