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Laundry Cart

If you want high quality laundry carts,  you have come to the right place.  Many customers in the hospitality industry come looking for our carts.We are pleased to offer our customers a large variety of product. We offer everything and anything from shelving, bins, air coolers, and of course carts. The website is ever growing and ever changing. New products get added on the daily.  Never hesitate to call up your friends at A Plus Warehouse for information on one of our products.

Mobile Laundry Carts

                Our laundry room carts at A Plus Warehouse are top of the line. We have everything from security, utility, wire, crash ,instrument ,mobile , and of course laundry carts. Many of our lines are A Plus Brand names such as our Kingcab Cabinets. Our Kingcab cabinets are known for being heavy duty! Many of our carts fit into multiple categories.  Our Bulk Transport Truck is an example of one of our mobile laundry carts. This product also comes in a rainbow of colors including white, red, blue, yellow, black, and many more! The Transport Truck is 48 Cubic Feet and is Made with very Durable Material. With 2 Fixed and 2 Swiveled Rugged 6” Non Marking Ball Bearings, you knows it’s smooth rolling.

Bulk Truck

                Our Delivery and Bulk Truck goes along very nicely with the Bulk Transport Truck. This product is perfect for your house keeping staff. This product goes between being a clean linen delivery truck to a soiled line bulk truck. The product also features chrome plated wire shelving as well as the same large variety of colors available with the Bulk Transport Truck. The truck changes between a bulk and delivery truck simply by repositioning the wire from a horizontal position to a vertical one.

                Consider our Nestable Vinyl Liner Trucks. The laundry room cart is heavy duty. It includes a black rim for added rim protection. The capacity on this cart ranges between 250-625 pounds. The capacity on these carts increase as the bushels increase. A Plus Warehouse also offers a variety of laundry scales. Considering ordering one in addition to your laundromat carts, or even on its own.

                Now that you know about a few of our products, why should you choose A Plus Warehouse to help you with your laundry cart needs? Our sales staff are trained professionals. They are also happy to assist you in finding the perfect product. This is not an easy task consider our huge product catalog. At A Plus Warehouse, we are big enough to fill your order, yet small enough to know that every order matters. Order a cart for your laundry room today.

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