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Lift Trucks

Lift trucks should be the work horse of your distribution or manufacturing facility. With a quality Genie lift or one of our fine lifts by Presto, Beach, or Vestil , your people will be able to access product safely and quickly increasing overall efficiency and saving you money. A Plus Warehouse does not sell forklifts, rather we sell lift trucks and lift truck attachments that are used in a non  continuous application. If you are constantly loading truckloads full of pallets, clearly you need a rider forklift.

Straddle Stackers VS Counterbalance Lifts

If you occasionally need to access a shelving unit or rack and transport the load to a work area over a small distance, an A Plus Warehouse lift truck may well fit your need. Some of the lift trucks we sell are straddle stackers and counterbalance lifters. There is a distinction between the two that is important to know.

Counterbalance lift trucks are so named because ballast needs to be placed in the back of the machine (counterbalance) to prevent the machine from tipping over when it picks up a load. A straddle stacker is supported from the from. The legs straddle the pallet being lifted, so no counter balance plates are required.

Lift Truck Attachments

We sell many lift truck attachments. Some of the more popular are fork extension, drum rotators and hoist hooks. Fork extensions are added to a lift truck simply to extend the lifting forks. A drum rotator mounts to the lift, then can be used to dump from a drum. We sell electrified drum grabs and manual / mechanical as well. A hoist hook allows you to safely hang a hoist from the forks of a forklift. Sometimes, using a gantry crane is not the easiest way to handle your load supplies, just add a lifting plate to your forklift, and you have a very basic crane.

Why use lift trucks from A Plus Warehouse? You always want to consider buying machinery that will either make a process quicker, safer, or both. Look at both issues and see how your application falls. Consider speed of work. If by using lift trucks, you can save even 5 minutes per handled skid, you only need to handle 12 skids before you save 15 % of a persons total time in a day! Regarding the safety issue, when using a lift truck, the employee is one the ground, and if he slips  he has a small drop. Compare this to the worker accessing a rack 10 feet high on a rolling ladder. Of course we sell great rolling ladders, but if it is possible to keep a person on the ground, that is the best place to have him located. There are manifest other reasons to make your order with A Plus Warehouse.

We are a national dealer in materials handling equipment and lift trucks offering the quickest ship times in the business. Our courteous sales staff has much experience and is available to help at 800-209-8798. The A Plus Warehouse website is unparalleled in ease of use and delivery of basic information on our various products. Try us! You will be impressed with the A Plus Warehouse difference.

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