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portable pallet inverter

Portable Pallet Inverter

  • Tilt and Rotate Loads with our Durable Pallet Inverter
  • Great for loading docks
  • Low Profile Design Allows Operator to Stand on the Rider Platform and Steer Load Quickly and Easily
  • Safe Operation
  • On Board Battery Charger
  • Order Now!

Portable Pallet Inverter

Product No. CapacityFork Opening ( Min and Max)Lowered HeightFork W X LOverall Size (WxLxH) Price Ea 1-5Price Ea 6+ Qty
PALINVERT 3,000 Pounds32" to 54"3-5/8"6"x36"35-3/4" x 99-1/2 x 56" $18,884.80 $18,507.10

Pallet inverter includes ergonomic handle that features easy to operate throttle with infinite forward and reverse speeds, tilt/lower controls, safety belly reverse button, and horn. The product also features a DC power lift and drive. An electromagnetic disc brake is activated when user releases handle. Product also comes with 4 6V batteries, battery charger and gauge, emergency battery disconnect, and horn. Inverter rolls smoothly on polyurethane steer and load wheels.

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