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Lifting Tables And Work Positioners

Lift table and work positioner products from A Plus Warehouse are an absolute necessity for your manufacturing plant or industrial warehouse. These ergonomic, efficient products help you elevate and assemble products, transfer heavy loads, and move equipment to higher or lower elevations. We are a master dealer of lift tables by Vestil, Presto, Lift Products, and Econo to name a few.  We have a wide variety of lift table styles to ensure you're always working at peak efficiency. From hydraulic lift table products to specialized lifters and work positioners, our product selection is more than ready to handle your heavy loads and take the weight off your employees.

Increase Your Ergonomic Efficiency with a Lift Table from A Plus Warehouse

Ergonomics tells us to move the job to the person, not vice versa. If you truly have you and your employees’ well-being in mind, it's important to have the right material handling equipment.  Lift tables allow you to leave the majority of the work to the machines, making it easier on your body. Since no warehouse is likely to have the exact same needs as the other, we at A Plus Warehouse offer a wide variety of lift table products to ensure your needs are covered—and you are protected.

We offer manual and electric high lifts by Wesco that offer plenty of lifting power. The manual Turbo lift models use half the pumps of a regular manual lift table and have a capacity of 3300 pounds. Or if you choose to go electric, we have both telescoping and non-telescoping electric lifts that offer you the ultimate convenience.

We also have many hydraulic lift table products. Like other hydraulic products, lift tables that use hydraulics can raise thousands of pounds of equipment or product with barely any effort at all. We have battery-operated or foot pump-operated hydraulic lift tables to choose from in 1, 2, or 4-post models. These are also great to use as portable lift tables, as they are set on four casters which allow you to position them where needed.

Find Specialized Lifts and Work Positioners for Your Unique Needs

If you have above-average needs for your particular work environment, you need more than just your standard lift table. We at A Plus Warehouse are prepared to meet your needs with a host of materials handling equipment designed for specific lifting applications. We have ergonomic box tipper and lifters to efficiently lift and unload bins, increasing efficiency. We have these in 4000 and 6000-pound capacities for your heavy-duty needs.

We also carry drum stackers and pallet lifters. These products specifically deal with moving heavy drums and pallets and positioning them where needed. Our drum stacker wheels into position on polyurethane and phenolic casters, letting you insert your drums horizontally for better storage. And if it's pallet positioning you need, we have Presto lift tables to help you do so. Our P3 Presto Pallet positioner has a convenient turntable that lets you position pallets to the exact desired angle.

No need for your employees to bend, squat, or twist at odd angles. Our lift tables and work positioners eliminate risk of workplace injuries.

Lift Tables Create a More Comfortable Workspace

Like anti fatigue mats, lift tables are designed to provide you with a more comfortable work environment. It's unfortunate how often employees injure themselves when assembling products without the assistance of ergonomic equipment. Imagine how much easier it would be to unload from your conveyor system using A Plus Warehouse hoist equipment and then positioning the load with your lift table so that the product is at working height. Efficiency will improve while fatigue will decrease, and the work of the day will be much less taxing.

Lift tables from A Plus Warehouse can provide you with all these benefits. Call our lift table and work positioner specialists at 800-209-8798 or contact us online to find the one that will work for you best.

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