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hydraulic toe jack

Hydraulic Toe Jacks

  • The perfect choice for lifting loads to be moved on rollers.Available in capacities of 5,10, or 25 tons
  • Jacks-up loads just over 1" off the ground
  • Base, toe, and pump assemblies swivel independently to enable precise positioning in tight quarters
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Product No. Cap. (tons)Max. Lifting
Pick-Up Position
Height at Base
Pick-Up Position Height at TopStress on lever
at Max. Load (lbs.)
Wt. (lbs.) Price Ea. Qty
HTJ-5 58"1"14.5"85.544 $1,226.14
HTJ-10 109"1"16.25"9061 $1,631.39
HTJ-25 259"2"18.5"90203 $4,987.68

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