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Eye Wash Stations

Eyewash and Emergency Showers

An eyewash station is a critical piece of warehouse equipment when your line of work deals with contaminants. If you value your employees’ safety, you'll want to invest in a few of these stationary and portable eyewash stations. A Plus Warehouse carries eyewash stations, emergency showers, and eye/face wash units that can help take care of contaminant-related disasters while on the job. View our products and order them - for safety's sake!

Eyewash Station Safety Products

Getting substances in your eyes or on your skin can be more than just irritating - it can be dangerous. Flushing out contaminants from the eyes is critical, and water is recommended as the best means of removal. However, not every industrial facility has a sink nearby, and for that eyewash station products are a necessity. Emergency eyewash stations are available in several different types to meet a variety of industrial needs.

Bowl-type wash units splash water from multiple angles in a wide, gentle spray, ensuring the entire face is cleansed of contaminants. These eye wash stations may be wall-mounted or pedestal-mounted as required by your facility and come with stainless steel or plastic bowls. Several models also feature convenient hand foot control, making it easy to eject water when needed. Portable eyewash units are also available for taking eye safety on the go.

All our eyewash station units may be upgraded to include a stainless steel protective cover, granting them corrosion resistance for long-lasting use for a minimal fee.

Emergency Shower and Eyewash Products: The Best of Both Worlds

Contamination may not be restricted to only the eyes. Sometimes serious onsite accidents may occur that involve larger areas of the body. For these instances, an emergency shower is needed. A Plus Warehouse sells combination emergency shower and eyewash station products for your complete convenience and safety and to ensure your facility is meeting OSHA requirements.

An emergency shower (also called a safety shower) releases a stream of water that douses the contaminated area. Hand foot control versions are also available, and you may choose between an eyewash bowl made from stainless steel or cycolac plastic.

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Eyewash stations with an emergency shower can meet all your eye wash station requirements. Choose your ideal safety station product and order from A Plus Warehouse by calling us at 800-209-8798 today. Make your facility safer!

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