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stainless facewash
stainless facewash halo eyewash

Emergency Eye and Facewash Station

  • Wall Mounted
  • Self Draining Prevents Bacteria Growth
  • We recommend units with dust covers to keep device free of debris and ready for use
  • Safety Yellow Color for Easy Identification
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Product No. DescriptionBowl Type Price Ea 1-3Price 4+ Qty
EEF-BPD FacewashPlastic with Dust Cover $434.77 $426.07
EEF-SS EyewashStainless Steel without Dust Cover $350.77 $343.75
EEF-P EyewashPlastic without Dust Cover $256.62 $251.49
EEF-PD EyewashPlastic with Dust Cover $365.54 $358.23
EEF-BSD FacewashStainless Steel with Dust Cover $641.54 $628.71

Our Emergency Eye and Facewash Station is available with either a stainless steel or plastic bowl. Our facewash covers the whole face including the eyes, whereas the eyewash just covers the eyes. Stainless steel is recommended for  high abuse environments. The dust cover is also great for these environments.

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