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A Plus Warehouse is here to sell you only the best bleachers; while looking through this page you will see our variety of dimensions, seat availability, and weight of the overall structure. Every gymnasium, field, or park will need bleachers at one point so why not buy them here at A Plus Warehouse?

Why Aluminum Bleachers?

Unlike many other metallic or even concrete structure, aluminum is light weight. The reason one would want a light weight bleacher is so one can move it in case they need more room, for example, more room on a field. You can easily move your aluminum bleacher when necessary. Not only does aluminum equipment tend to be light weight but it also is corrosion resistant. Aluminum contains a protective oxide coating which protects against corrosion. When equipment corrodes its begins to become unsanitary and looks old and gross. As a metal corrodes it begins to lose its original strength and may soon snap and break. This is very unsafe for those around the material, especially if it happens to be a bleacher they are sitting on. That is a major reason A Plus Warehouse chooses to sell aluminum bleachers. We do not want anyone getting injured.  Also, here at A Plus Warehouse we care about our environment so when we choose aluminum bleachers we know we are choosing to help the environment. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable without losing any of its original quality. Re-melting aluminum takes very little energy, so it has insignificant effect on our environment.

You are sure to need a bleacher in your gymnasium, but why stop there. Get the complete gymnasium look and consider purchasing our locker benches. Every gym needs them because where else would you sit to put on your shoes? Some of our locker benches even have bottom storage for items like your bag. To save negative space we also sell wall mounted benches for those smaller rooms, or even if there is a big room and you want to keep the middle space clear. Why stop at locker benches when you can check out our athletic lockers. You are sure to also sees these at a gymnasium, so you might as well include them in yours.

Why Choose Us?

A Plus Warehouse has been selling equipment for over 20 years and we know our company is not going away anytime soon. We will keep selling our items, keep our trusted vendors and continue to find more vendors. We also have several loyal customers whom we appreciate very much and still are always ready to meet new customers. For more information give us a call at 800 209 8798!

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