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Industrial Office Desks

A Plus Warehouse has industrial office desks for sale! Industrial desks offer a convenient place to sit at and store equipment. This dual purpose makes them great for a number of applications, including warehouses, storerooms, and classrooms. Sit while working with all your equipment, or stand for more ergonomic comfort—the choice is yours! Browse the selection of industrial desks for sale, now available and ready to ship from A Plus Warehouse.

Industrial Office Desks from A Plus Warehouse

Industrial style desks come in several styles here at A Plus Warehouse.

AlphaBetter Sit Stand Desks are perfect for students in grades 3-12 who have a lot of energy to burn. They’re called “sit stand” desks because—no surprise here—you can choose to sit or stand at them. Standing at a desk may be preferable to sitting due to the desk’s high adjustability. Adjust your desk anywhere from 26-42 1/4” to fit your unique height and comfort needs. This desk also accommodates sitting with a high stool, also available from A Plus Warehouse. Additionally, the desk has a book shelf for textbooks, binders, and other school supplies, as well as a fidget bar for restless students’ feet to keep moving while studying. They say movement is good for the brain, so this is the perfect desk for helping students succeed at studying or test-taking!

Heavy Duty Shop Desks are the choice for industrial facilities looking to obtain maximum office efficiency. Administrative offices for industrial facilities will find everything they need from this style of desk, as it sports a sturdy steel top, double pedestal support legs, and six spacious drawers for ample storage. The desk is a heavy duty 28 x 60 x 52 and is available in a range of colors. If you’re looking for a desk that’s built for maximum durability and strength, look no further this industrial office desk. These ship all-welded, so they’re ready to use as soon as they arrive.

Looking for Industrial Office Desks for Sale?

A Plus Warehouse has you covered. Not every industry needs an ergonomic desk, however, the ones that do need them require the very best. Industrial style desks must be able to withstand heavy use, and that’s just what our selection can offer you. Choose from the educational and ergonomic AlphaBetter Sit Stand Desk or the all-purpose appealing Heavy Duty Shop Desk and start working toward a better tomorrow.
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