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Kids Furniture

A Plus Warehouse is very happy to sell our customers kids furniture. This furniture can be used for schools, homes, and play areas. Furniture is needed by everyone, including children. We are well known for our lockers, and we also have plenty of kids lockers for customers to choose from. Everybody needs a place to store valuables, even children. Get all the furniture you may need for children here at A Plus Warehouse!


Any parent knows that babies love exploring the world around them. Mirrors give babies the opportunity to explore. This is why we include baby furniture with mirrors!

The I See Me Crib includes a shatterproof mirror mounted to the head end. The crib is recommended for babies between the ages of 6 to 36 months. Product also features 3 inch thick foam mattress and four locking casters. Crib is easy to assemble and is made with solid maple!

The crawl through cabinet is great choice for toddler exploration. It includes two shatterproof mirrors mounted on each interior side wall making for four mirrors total. The middle compartment includes two fixed shelves and two clear plastic trays.  The two large openings in the cabinet allows plenty of space for babies and young toddlers to crawl through.

The mirror tent is another playtime favorite!  It is easy to assemble and will keep children entertained for a long time! The shatterproof mirrors are included on all three inside panels of this triangle shaped cabinet!


                Our Home Team Lockers makes a great addition to any recreation room. It includes a shelf with coat hooks and is a convenient place to store sports uniforms. Locker comes knocked down but is easy to assemble and comes in three different colors, red, blue, or pink. Home Team Lockers are great for a gym locker room in a school, another of our products that works perfectly in a school setting is our stylish children desks. These are available in blue and pink. They are also adjustable for children of all sizes. Product features multi angle desktop and slide out tray. This is learning in style!

Time for school!

Schools needs a lot of furniture. A Plus Warehouse has what any school needs, from lockers to desks!

Our stylish children desks are suitable for kids of all sizes. Students can store small items in the convenient slide out tray! Desktop is also multi-angle. Customers can choose between pink and blue desks.

Books are also important for schools, and with books comes the need to store these books. Our book carousel does the perfect job! Its rotation makes it easy to browse different types of books. The top can also be used to place CDs and videos! Item can come with 2 or 3 shelves.

Your Right Source, Right Now

   Order kids furniture now from A Plus Warehouse. We are your right source, right now. With over 20 years in business, you know you can count on us. We will help you find the kids furniture you need. Order now!

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