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Mail Sorters

Mail sorters are an important part of the mailroom furniture line. Everybody could use a big of organizational help. When your work area is clean, you are more productive! You do not have nerve racking clutter nor are you constantly looking for items. With A Plus Warehouse sorters,  you will find the right place to put those little envelopes! They make organization easy and convenient.  We work with Charnstrom to offer our amazing customers this product line. Charnstrom specializes in office organization. Their product line includes mailroom furniture, cabinets, racks, cell phone lockers, and of course sorters. Learn more about mailroom furniture at A Plus Warehouse.

Our mailroom station combines sorters with  tables. This combo provides an excellent work space. The tables are set at an ideal working height and have steel leg levelers for leveling tables to uneven floors. Tables also include sliding doors with locks for safe storage. This is a very attractive product. Both the sorts and table top come in several different colors. Customers choose between oak, walnut, and grey for table tops and between grey and putty for sorters.

                If you are just looking for a deluxe sorter without the tables, we have that as well.  Check out our 160 pocket movable sorter. This is a huge amount of sorting space.  This product comes with casters. The product is designed with caster bases in order to move equipment more easily. This sorter is so large it is actually  two 48” sorters placed side by side. Customers can choose their color and between two different pocket depths with this color. Choose between 12 ¾” and 15 ¾” for sorter depth and between gray and putty for color.

                If you are looking for an attractive wooden mail sorter, the wall mounted wood sorter is the go to. It blends in perfectly with office architecture and fastens right to the wall. This product will help in the fight for office organization. The sorter is available in grey, black, oak, walnut, and maple.

                Order your mail sorter from A Plus Warehouse today! We are your right source right now! A Plus Warehouse is constantly expanding its product inventory. We want to offer customers the best user experience. This is also why A Plus Warehouse has a very easy to navigate website with few delays in the website. At A Plus Warehouse, we are a big enough company to fill the order but small enough to know that every order matters. Order Now!

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