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Outdoor Stackable Chairs

  • Easy to Stack Plastic Outdoor Seating
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Designed for Comfort
  • Comes in Pack of 4
  • Free Shipping for Orders over $850
  • 3 Colors: Green, White, or Gray
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Product No. Overall Dimensions (W X D X H) Price per Pack Color Qty
STACK-CHAIR 19 1/2" X 21 1/2" X 30" $402.50

This product is constructed of one piece, solid, molded resin. This item comes in a quantity of 4, and chairs can be stacked up to 8 seats high. The back is curved for comfort with contoured seat pan. The back dimension are 19 1/2"W X 12 1/2" H, and the seat dimensions are 18"W x 17"D. 

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